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Version: OxygenIT v1.1.x

Get your API key

To get your API key, you need to be subscribed to OxygenIT.

You need a ScaleDynamics organization

If you don't have one, you can signup an account and create an new organization (sign up here)

Or start a one month free trial (trial here), no credit card required.

Ask for subscription

Currently you have to contact 'sales@scaledynamics' so they can enabled OxygenIT in your subscription.

Get the API key

When OxygenIT subscription is enabled, in the subscription tab, you can get the API-key of OxygenIT by clicking on 'show api-key token' button.

Using the API key

After getting your key, as indicated in the Carbon calculator API documentation, you need to add in the headerof each API request a field token with the api key token.

For example:

curl  -H "token: YourApiKeyToken" \