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View Runners

Using the Web console, View all runners, containers and access metrics

Note that you can access the console on

On the 'Runners' page of the web console, you'll be able to view all your runners and also which containers is running on which runner.

Runner view

The running status of each runner/container is shown. On the right you can edit their infos, and also access their metrics.

Runner metrics can be used to identifies overallocate resources, or underallocated ones to make decisions like allocating a more powerfull runner or a smaller one and move some containers on it.

Container metrics shows the activity of the container and helps to identifies issues or optimization to do on the container code,and also identifies performance issues due to the runner. For example the performance of requests is below your expectation and you should add RAM or choose a better CPU, or add a GPU to your runner.

Using the SDK

Follow the SDK installation to get the SDK installed.

With the command below list all available runners you can use for deployment.

# List all runners
npx warp runner list