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Version: 5.1.0

Release Notes

Below the list of updates in this release. Please have a look to breaking changes with previous version of the plaform to know if you have something to do.

Updates and new features on the CLI


  • Speedup some operations
  • Introduce --yes option to bypass confirmation

Configuration file

  • Add container service type
    • Introduce image section to deploy a standard image from a registry
    • Introduce context to set the base of the container build context

runner info command

  • Fix issue when displaying the status of a runner in error
  • Display runner scaling info

runner delete command

  • Add a --force option to force the deletion of a runner (danger zone)

runner create command

  • Model prompt filter out uninstantiable model
  • Add variables setting:
    • In non-interactive mode, use variable <name>=<value> after -- options
    • In interactive mode, follow prompt

env auth basic commands

  • Change syntax to add a user in the basic authentication
  • Add a revoke command to remove a user
  • Add a delete command to remove the authentication

deploy command

  • Fix issue with .dockerignore, it is now case sensitive
  • For docker service, set the uploaded context to the base directory of the Dockerfile
  • For hosting service, restrict uploading to what is strictly necessary
  • Add a --verbose option to see all files uploaded
  • Introduce the container service
  • Deprecate the docker service
  • Add retries politic when uploading files
  • Fix issues with args for container

deployment logs command

  • Fix issue with auto-selecting build level when build have an error
  • Fix bad display of runner name info

runner model list command

  • Add a column about instantiability of models

Add runner model info command

  • Display characteristics
  • Display instantiability
  • Display variables

Breaking change

  • --force replaced by --yes
  • add [user] [password] replaced by add [id] [user] with a --password option (id is the base url id)