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Version: CaaS (WIP)

Project, environment, session

After login with the CLI, most of CLI commands need to know in which project or environment to run.

What is a project or an environment? have a look to the Glossary.

Projects and environments

You can use the console or the cli to create projects and environments.

On the cli use

# to create a project
npx warp project create

# to create an environment in a project
npx warp env create

If you don't specifiy in which project and env to deploy, you'll be invited to indicate interactively in which project/environment you are deploying.

To indicate in which project/environment you're working on, you can use additional parameter to the commands. For example for the deploy:

npx warp deploy --project <project> --env <environment>

Working session

We provide a Working session where you can select the default project and/or environment you are working on. When selected, these values will be used by default for all commands.

# to select a project
npx warp project select

# to select an environment in a project
npx warp env select

Knowing where you are working

If during the session you want to check what has been selected, use

# to view selected project/environment
npx warp whereami

Unsetting the working session

To unselect a project* and/or environment you previously selected, use:

# to deselect a project
npx warp project deselect

# to deselect an environment in a project
npx warp env deselect