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SDK Installation

Our SDK provides you a CLI you can use to deploy your HTTP docker, Node.js server, Node.js module or static assets.

We designed it to run on desktop/laptop (windows, mac, linux) and be compatible with any IDE, bundler, static site generators, cloud-native web frameworks, CI/CDs, APIs, databases, so it's compatible with what you already use.

The SDK provides key features to deploy

  • With one command line, deploy static assets, one Node.js server or one Node.js module, or everything at once in one particular execution environment
  • Create as many projects as needed to identify your web apps, SaaS or microservices
  • Create the cloud execution environment needed for projects: development, test, staging, preproduction, production...
  • Our CLI is script friendly to be integrated it into your own CI/CD workflow using role accounts

Specifically for Managed modules our SDK provides everything to develop and emulate module execution:

  • JavaScript support
  • TypeScript is fully supported: get typed, easing the communication with team members
  • The local cloud emulation environment replicates faithfully the cloud environment of a Node.js server on laptop
  • Integrated live-reload. Change any line of client or server code and see what happens in real-time: no rebuild, no redeploy, no restart
  • Remote emulation to access remote resources, or develop for a specific device, install our emulator on a phone or on a remote server


To use our SDK, you need Node.js installed on your computer with the version 12 or higher. Look here to install it.


The SDK can be installed locally (and you'll use npx warp ... to run commands):

npm install warp

or can be installed globally:

npm install -g warp

Create your ScaleDynamics account

You need a ScaleDynamics account select resources and be able to deploy. You can sign up here to create it. Subscription is FREE, no credit card required.

Deployment session

Note that before deploying you need to enter a session. You have to use your ScaleDynamics credentials to be identified using:

npx warp login


To get all other available commands you can use warp help. Please refer to the command line documentation for details and supported options for each one.