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Our SDK provides you a CLI you can use to manage projects, environments, runners, and containers.

It is available on desktop/laptop (windows, mac, linux) and compatible with any IDE, bundler, static site generators, cloud-native web frameworks, CI/CDs, APIs, databases, so it's compatible with what you already use.


To use our SDK, you need Node.js installed on your computer with the version 12 or higher. Look here to install it.


The SDK can be installed locally (and you'll use npx warp ... to run commands):

npm install warp

or can be installed globally:

npm install -g warp

Create your ScaleDynamics account

You need a ScaleDynamics account to be able to login. You can sign up here to create it. Subscription is FREE, no credit card required.

Developer session

To enter a developer session. You have to use your ScaleDynamics credentials to be identified using:

npx warp login


To get all other available commands you can use warp help. Please refer to the command line documentation for details and supported options for each one.