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Version: 5.0.2


ScaleDynamics is a Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) that allows software developers and IT departments to upload, organize, run, scale, and manage containers by using container-based virtualization on top of several different kind of infrastructures (public clouds, on-premise). Combined with our unique feature to move containers dynamically across different infrastructure and the ability to provision and deploy in the same way, and monitor at one place, ScaleDynamics provides multi-cloud/hybrid workflow management a true reality.

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Unlike other CaaS, ScaleDynamics platform works as a SaaS and does not require infrastructure expertise, it is 100% managed. Any developer can use our CaaS to get maximum benefits of containerized architecture.

ScaleDynamics CaaS

Runners to run containers

On our platform a Runner represents a cloud resource to run containers. Concretly a runner is a public cloud instance, an on-premise VM or a bare metal server. Each runner is identified by a name that you define. You will use that name to indicate on which runner to deploy or move a container.

More details on how to create a runner

All is dynamic and on demand, you can dynamically create or delete a runner, deploy a container to a runner or move a container to another runner on demand.

More details on deployment