Cloud connectors
3DS Outscale


Connect your account


After the connection of your Outscale account, ScaleDynamics will create and manage resources in your account. You should not modify, create, or delete these resources to avoid non deterministic behaviors of the ScaleDynamics platform. To interact with ScaleDynamics, please use only our SDK command lines or our console ( (opens in a new tab)).

To connect an outscale account, you need to gather several information on your side: an accessKey, a secretKey, and a region.

Connect to your Cockpit console

First, connect to the cockpit console (opens in a new tab) using your credentials.

Get region

As you may know, in outscale each cockpit is linked to a region. On the top bar is show the region name. You will need that region name (for example on the bar below, it is eu-west-2)

Get accessKey and secretKey

Next step is to create an accessKey anda secretKey.

On the top left, select the dropdown and click on 'Users and Policies Management'

On the Users and policies panel, select one user, click on '+ CREATE AK' button, and when a confirmation panel opens, click on 'GENERATE' button.

After Access key creation, you will find the accessKey by viewing user details.

A file has also be automatically downloaded, and when you open it, you'll get the secretKey.

Create the connector

On the ScaleDynamics console, select the 'cloud connectors' tab, then click on the '+ Cloud connector'. Select Outscale.

Then, give a name and an optional description to your connector

At last, fill accessKey, secretKey and select the region. You can set an optional peremption date. Then click on 'Create' button.