Cloud connectors


Connect your account

To use our CaaS on Equinix, you need to create a projet and provide rights to our CaaS. We will create infrastructure resources in that project. We don't need a global access to your account, only to one project (which is good for security). So, you can configure other services like a managed database in your Equinix account, we will not see them.


After the connection of your Equinix account, ScaleDynamics will create and manage resources in your account. You should not modify, create, or delete these resources to avoid non deterministic behaviors of the ScaleDynamics platform. To interact with ScaleDynamics, please use only our SDK command lines or our console ( (opens in a new tab)).

To connect an Equinix account, you need to gather several information on your side.

What you need to get:

  • a projectId and a token to give ScaleDynamics authorizations to manage that project.

Connect to your Equinix console

First, connect to Equinix console (opens in a new tab) using your credentials.

Get projectId and token

Let's create a project to get its projectId and create a token to manage that project.

First, use the dropdown at the top left, to select the organization you want to create the project.

Then on the 'project' tab, click on 'Add new' project button.

Provides a name, for example 'ScaleDynamics' and create the project.

After the project creation, on the project view, click on 'project settings' of the side bar. On the 'General' panel you'll find the projectId to use.

Then, goes on the API KEY tab, click on the 'Add new key' button and create a new API key with 'Read/Write' permissions. For example, let's create the API key named 'ScaleDynamics CaaS'.

After creation, click on the 'Copy' button to copy the API key token to use it as token

Create the connector

On the ScaleDynamics console, select the 'cloud connectors' tab, then click on the '+ Cloud connector'. Select Equinix.

Then, give a name and an optional description to your connector

At last, fill projectId and token . You can set an optional peremption date. Then click on 'Create' button.