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Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean

Connect your account


After the connection of your Digital Ocean account, ScaleDynamics will create and manage resources in your account. You should not modify, create, or delete these resources to avoid non deterministic behaviors of the ScaleDynamics platform. To interact with ScaleDynamics, please use only our SDK command lines or our console ( (opens in a new tab)).

To connect a Digital Ocean account, you need to get a token for a team/project.

Connect to Digital Ocean console

First, connect to Digital Ocean console (opens in a new tab) using your credentials.

Optionnaly - Create a new team and a new project

To isolate the access rights of ScaleDynamics, we recommand to create a new team, and a new project that we will use to allocate infrastructure resources. You can also use an exisiting team/project if you want, and do the Create a token step.

Create a new team

To create a new team, click on the top right user icon and click on 'Create a team'

Then, you'll have three steps to do. On the first one, you have to choose a team name. Enter scaledynamics-teamthen click on continue.

On the next panel, you'll have to add a payment method. Then, on the 'Invite Members', click on 'Skip and Go to team'

Create a new project

On the team panel, click on the left sidebar, click on '+ New Project'. On the project creation dialog, use scaledynamics-caas as project name. Enter other infos and click on 'Create Project'

Create a token

The next step is to create a token.


If you skipped the previous steps creating a new team and a new project, please select the team/project you want Scaledynamics CaaS to use to allocate infrastructure resources.

On the side bar in the selected project, click on 'API' button.

On the API panel, click on 'Token', 'Generate New Token'.

Use scaledynamics-tokenas name, set expiration to 'no expiry', and check 'Write' optional scope.

On the next token panel, copy the newly created token you will use as the token for the connector.

Create the connector

On the ScaleDynamics console, select the 'cloud connectors' tab, then click on the '+ Cloud connector'. Select Digital Ocean.

Then, give a name and an optional description to your connector

At last, fill token. You can set an optional peremption date. Then click on 'Create' button.