Cloud connectors


Connect your account

To use our CaaS on AWS, you need to create an account and provide rights to our CaaS. We will create infrastructure resources in that account. We don't need a global access to your overall account, only to one (which is good for security).


After the connection of your AWS account, ScaleDynamics will create and manage resources in one of your project of your account. You should not modify, create, or delete these resources to avoid non deterministic behaviors of the ScaleDynamics platform. To interact with ScaleDynamics, please use only our SDK command lines or our console ( (opens in a new tab)).

To connect a AWS account, you need to gather several information on your side: an accessKeyId and a secretAccessKey.

Connect to your AWS console

First, connect to AWS console (opens in a new tab) as the Root user of the aws account.

Create a new account

Using the rigth top dropdown, click on 'organization' to view the organization panel.


Then, click on 'Add account'. On the creation account panel, enter 'scaledynamics-caas' as account name, and enter an email from you. The email must be different, so you can use (email+caaws@) if you need. Then click on 'Create AWS account'.

You'll be back on the Root organization panel, the wait for the end of project creation.

Logout and signin on the new account

When done, you have to logout and signin with the email address you used in the account setting. As it is a new user, you don't have a password, so use 'Forgot password' to set a new password to be able to signin with the email.

Add a user in the 'scaledynamics-caas' account

Open the IAM for the account (use the top left dropdown and click on IAM).

On the IAM panel, click on 'Users' on the left side and then, click on 'Add users'.

Add a user name 'scaledynamics-user', don't click on console access, and click on 'next'

On the permissions panel, click on 'Attach policies directly'. In the filter type 'ec2full', then click on 'AmazonEC2FullAccess' check box. Then click on 'Next'

On the review panel, click on 'Create user'

get accessKeyId and secretAccessKey

Last step is to create an access key for that user

In the 'Users' panel, click on the user name 'scaledynamics-user'. In the user panel, click on 'Security credentials' tab.

In the tab, click on 'Create access key'

In the step1, access key selection, click on 'Application running outside AWS', then click on 'Next'.

In the description, set 'scaledynamics-key' and click on 'Create access key'

On the Retrieve access key, you will find the 'Access key' that you will use as the accessKeyId for the connector and the 'secret access key' you will use as the secretAccessKey. Please keep these two strings to be able to provide them when adding the connector.

Create the connector

On the ScaleDynamics console, select the 'cloud connectors' tab, then click on the '+ Cloud connector'. Select AWS.

Then, give a name and an optional description to your connector

At last, fill accessKeyId and secretAccessKey. Set an optional peremption date and click on 'Create' button.